Work It Wednesday – Yoga Tabata

Happy Happy Wednesday!

Are you ready to tabata like a yogi?!

Today’s workout is a quick one. Although you will be done before you know it, Yoga Tabata will get your heart pumping and blood flowing while also toning and strengthening your muscles. Wham, bam and you are ready to go on about your day with a workout under your belt.

Good luck Strivers! Enjoy and as always, your feedback is always appreciated. I love hearing from you guys! 🙂


Workout #77
-22 minutes
-20 seconds yoga pose/ 10 seconds jumping jacks
-5 rounds

The poses all depend on the cards but listed below is a list of possible poses:
1) runner’s pose R
2) runner’s pose L
3) crescent pose R
4) crescent pose L
5) warrior 1 R
6) warrior 1 L
7) warrior 2 R
8) warrior 2 L

-jumping jacks between each exercise


2 Responses to “Work It Wednesday – Yoga Tabata

  • Bethany
    6 years ago

    Loved this one! Jumping jacks in between was a great idea to mix it up! Love your outfit! The brighter colors are a lot easier to see and helpful for positioning!
    Great workout!

    • Bethany! Thank you dear! I’ve never thought about how my outfit can affect those doing the workouts. Good to know, thank you!

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