Workout #12 Arm Focused Cardio Fusion

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Justin and I visited my parents, sister and extended family and had a great time. Below are a few photos and a short video from Saturday and Sunday. Fun times!

Marilyn: The coolest cat I know!

Enjoying the beautiful weather at my Meme’s house.

My sister, Holli, is a tree fairy.

Justin, Holli, my cousins and I had fun acting crazy in the nice weather. We did cartwheels, attempted toe touches and threw the football around. I am ashamed to admit that I cartwheeled into a tree branch. Note to all: Look up before cartwheeling. If you want a laugh, check out my attempt and Justin’s nice toe touches.

What did you do this weekend?

Now, for today’s workout, prepare your arms to work hard the WHOLE time. Each exercise engages a different part of your arm and the plank in and out jump in between regular exercises keeps the arms working while recruiting the lungs.


Workout #12
-12 minutes total/2 rounds
-6 exercises (7 counting plank in and out jump to be done between regular exercises)
-40 seconds exercise/20 seconds plank in and out jump

1) in and out bicep curls
plank in and out jump
2) crow pose
plank in and out jump
3) spider push-ups
plank in and out jump
4) free weight skull crusher
plank in and out jump
5) side plank push right
plank in and out jump
6) side plank push left
plank in and out jump

Complete the video for one round. Play again for round two. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired! If you are unsure how to perform a certain exercise, watch the demonstration video for that specific exercise.

Demonstration Videos for Workout #12
In and Out Bicep Curl
Crow Pose
Spider Push-Up
Free Weight Skull Crusher
Side Plank Push
Plank In and Out Jump


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