Workout #11 Flip and Tone

Happy Friday to you….. and you, and you, and you and you!

Who else is super stoked for the weekend?

Today’s Flip and Tone workout is gymnastics inspired, rep based and frankly, a whole lot of fun!

A gymnast I am not. I took some gymnastics classes when I was younger but it never turned into anything serious. Although I never became a pro, I still enjoy and find gymnastics exercises to be great for building strength and toning muscles.

Give Workout #11 a try and let me know if it takes you back to your childhood! 🙂

Workout #11
-gymnastics inspired rep challenge
-untimed/10 rounds
-complete 10 reps of each exercise for one round

-10 cartwheels
-10 tuck jumps
-10 (5 second) handstands
-10 straight leg jumps
-10 (3 second) hollow body holds

Watch the video once through to learn how to perform exercises and complete the first round. You can replay the video for additional rounds or continue on your own. Feel free to complete more than the suggested 10 rounds if desired!


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