Yoga Ballet Blast Workout

Hi you guys!

Strive Here’s newest video is another ballet yoga fusion workout. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. 🙂


Workout #70
-33 minutes

1) plie crescent pose switch
2) jump kick chair pose
3) warrior 1 to arabesque
4) alternating high knee with pointed toe
5) tree plank
6) 1st-5th position
7) parallel plie
8) jump switch
9) downward dog 3 point jump
10) hands and knees 3 way point with knee push-up
11) camel pose reach


3 Responses to “Yoga Ballet Blast Workout

  • Bethany
    6 years ago

    This yoga ballet blast workout was superb! My favorite exercises were the camel pose reach and the alternating high knee with pointed toe! I love these videos! You are so good at coming up with unique and fun workouts!

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